Jay Z vs. Funkmaster Flex & Dipset Beef

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After now numerous disses (below) from Funkmaster Flex‘s camp, reports are coming in that Jay Z is just looking to buy Hot 97 to show him who’s boss.

It even went as far as Flex calling Jigga a “commercial corporate rapper” and calls his website “trash.”

Lesson learned: you mess with HOV, and he’ll just buy your ass.

Even if you don’t directly know of Funkmaster Flex – one of the biggest “gatekeepers” into the hip hop world – it’s impossible to spend the last decade without hearing a “radio rip” of a song with one a hundred of his infamous bombs throughout.

Anyway, it looks like the fued between Jay Z and members of Dipset has been renewed with Funk Flex as the catalyst. It sounds like it all began with Jay Z’s website Life+Times inquiring about an interview…

Flex takes to the airwaves for an extensive rant #1, which you can read and listen to below:

That website is trash by the way. I figured I’d say that trash so you take me serious on where I’m going. They do this interview after I drop my app, asking me a lot of key questions about apps – building apps, how, why, how’d you launch it? But all of that didn’t get put in the story though. But a lot of that information got put into that new Jay Z app. But I was good with that I ate that. I understood it. Everybody’s out here hustling…

Fast forward to today. My assistant gets an email – “We would like to do a story about your involvement in the Dipset reunion” from Life+Times maga… What is it a site? Site’s trash. A bunch of dumb big pictures and no numbers. Y’all can’t move with me in this digital space….

I’ve always been super neutral in this situation. But I don’t understand how somebody from that site can ask me about my involvement in the Dipset reunion. But when I used to go to 40/40, I was told not to play any Dipset records. I’m so confused.

And I’m gonna tell you something about that 40/40 in Atlantic City. There was a security guard that came up to me and told me to change that record, because of my respect for Desiree I changed it. We was gonna wear you out in that club that night. Your whole security is my Tunnel security. I made them dudes rich.

We were gonna press you that night. And just in case you’re feeling lucky, I’m back in Atlantic City this Sunday. You know who I’m talking to. You’re funny looking and you’re a clown. We were gonna take you down that night. You knew it. That’s why you were crying.

But if of course didn’t stop there. Cam’ron and Jim Jones dropped off this “Victory” freestyle continuing the dissing:

And apparently Jay Z had enough and responded (personally). Flex takes to Instagram to show that he’s been communicating with HOV via text (kinda):

After receiving the text (in CAPITAL LETTERS OMGGGGG NOW WAY HOW COULD YOU)… Flex goes in on rant #2:

“In 2015, you are a commercial corporate rapper that drops a little catchphrase every three months. No there’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s super dope. Don’t talk to me funny in the text, bruh. I don’t work for you.”

And now… we have the rumor wheels churning saying that Jigga will settle this by just buying the whole damn station. We’ll keep you posted.

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