Homeless Subway Singer Hollywood Anderson’s ‘American Idol’ Audition Made Even The Judges Cry

Meet Hollywood Anderson, a formerly homeless New York City subway dweller, and today’s feel good story. He played guitar and sang his original song, “My Best Friend,” during Thursday night’s New York auditions. He schools everyone in how to audition for American Idol and even makes Jennifer Lopez cry. It was that good.

“Unquestionably, the best audition today, of the last two days, and possibly of the last four cities,” said the often hard-to-please Connick Jr. “You’re very talented.”

“I’ve been homeless … chasing my dream. I just learned to play guitar a year ago,” Anderson said. “[The guitar] was gifted to me by the Covenant House [director] Norm Lotz … It’s because of the guitar I’m here today.”

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