Disclosure and AlunaGeorge Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Song Lyrics

disclosure alunageorge

NME and Daily Mail are reporting that Disclosure and AlunaGeorge are being sued for stealing lyrics for some of their biggest hits.

Katie Farrah Sopher is seeking £200,000 or roughly $300,000 USD, alleging that Disclosure’s “White Noise,” “You and Me,” and “Latch” contain lyrics of hers that was stolen back in 2009 by her ex-boyfriend, Sean Sawyers. She’s claiming he shopped the songbook around to his music industry contacts. AlunaGeorge is being named in the suit for lyrics from “Attracting Flies” as well…

Sawyers though, denies any and all allegations:

“I am denying all the allegations… There is zero truth to the claims made against me. I never saw the book the claimant mentions… so I could not have committed the alleged damages, theft, and copyright infringement.”

Should be interesting to see how this unravels.


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