Skrillex Gives Us A Sneak Peak At Two New Tracks Via Snapchat

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2015 will be the year of Skrillex…and Diplo…and Jack U, there’s no denying that. Seeing as though Jack U (aka Skrillex and Diplo) will be finishing their first EP this month, and the fact that they brought Madison Square Garden to it’s knees on NYE, there’s little doubt that Skrillex is poised for big things this year. Today, Skrilly gave us a sneak peak of two tracks he’s been working on in the studio. No word as to whether or not they’re Jack U tracks, or only Skrill’s, but they’re mad good either way. Oh and did Skrillex just release a track with his on vox? Take a glance after the jump to see what the Skrill-masta has in store for us!

Skrilly’s New Tunes HERE:

New Skrill shet pt. I

New Skrill shet pt. II
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