Purity Ring Reveal “Begin Again” Single & ‘Another Eternity’ Album Release Date, Tracklist & Cover Art


If there’s a sound that will have absolutely no trouble erupting in 2015, it’s that of Purity Ring. Their ressurgence with “Push Pull” reminded everyone they still existed (just in case anyone forgot). But now they’re ready for the pop takeover.

Purity Ring announce their new 10 song album Another Eternity is due out March 3rd. But everyone knows an announcement is best with new music, so they’ve also revealed a stunning new song “Begin Again” which you can listen to below, and download instantly when you pre-order.

Pre-order: Purity Ring – Another Eternity (Album)


01 “Heartsigh”
02 “Bodyache”
03 “Push Pull”
04 “Repetition”
05 “Stranger Than Earth”
06 “Begin Again”
07 “Dust Hymn”
08 “Flood On The Floor”
09 “Sea Castle”
10 “Stillness In Woe”

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