Marc Goone Releases His Best Work Yet With ‘The Scrumple King’ Album [Free Download]

Man, I wish I could just hold everyone hostage in a room CIA style and force them to give this album one listen through of Marc Goone‘s new project. After just one listen you will see the 18 months of work, the passion, the lyrical genius, and one man’s never ending quest to entertain the world with his music. I’ve been a fanboy of Goone since the first day I heard him and for good reason.

His unique sound + ability to sing (like a lighter-skinned, longer-necked Drake) make for an album that you can bang at a pregame and well…. that postgame with the girl who wants to bang you for you exquisite music taste.

You can download the album for free, or you can take all that money you saving on gas every time you are filling up and buy this album, a 12 pack of cheap beer and some blunts and have a great night.

Download: Marc Goone – The Scrumple King

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