Watch The Pilot For New Hip-Hop Drama ‘Empire’

fox empire hip hop dramaPhoto Credit: FOX

Finally got to watch Fox‘s new hit drama Empire yesterday, and it definitely has major potential – there’s a reason it’s already the station’s highest rated show in years.

If you haven’t heard yet, Empire is about a hip hop mogul Lucious Lyon (Terrance Howard) and his family who made it out of the hard knock life to own one of the largest and most respected music “empires” around.

The story is centered around Lucious’ three (very different) sons – one straight edge executive, one flashy, all about that bling bling rapper, and one talented but overlooked gay pop/R&B singer – all battling for his throne after being sentenced with a terminal illness, while his fresh out of jail ex-wife Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) runs interference.

You can watch it free on FOX here. | It’s also on HULU.

It’s a story of music, family, and power.

This is the same show you may have heard 50 Cent bitching about, saying it’s a complete and total rip off from his pitch Power. But no fux were given:

EmpirePhoto Credit: FOX

fxlori2-CST-111914-980x600[1]Photo Credit: FOX

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