Boxer Adrien Broner Profanely Rejects Jay Z’s Roc Nation Offer And Disses Rihanna

adrien broner 2014

Jay Z‘s venture into sports representation with Roc Nation Sports. He’s recently signed Dez Bryant to add to his collection which includes Kevin Durant, and is reportedly in-cahoots with David Beckham on an MLS team.

You’d think with a lineup like this, he could land anyone. But, that’s not the case as the Cincinnati’s Adrien Broner situation has exemplified.

The 5 year, $40 mil that HOV offered to the famed boxer, was laughable in his eyes. He felt insulted, and was pissed that Jay Z didn’t deliver it personally. “Bosses talk to bosses,” Broner explained.

Broner was so taken back by this, that he took to social media to insult the mogul. “Jay Z can suck my dick with an elephant tongue,” he wrote.

TMZ of course got a chance to speak to him, and politely asked what if Jay Z could sweeten the deal with a little access to Rihanna. “Man, fuck Rihanna. No disrespect,” Broner said. “At the end of the day, she going to give me some pussy and that’s it.”

Experience the full 75 second clip below…


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