Apparently Taylor Swift Wants To See If Leonardo DiCaprio Is Boyfriend Material


I hate myself for writing this because I write about music here, not about gossip, but I’m taking one for the team.

According to the National Enquirer, (which means this is probably a bullshit rumor, so enjoy the ride…) Taylor Swift wants to set up a meeting with Leo to, “put him to the test” and make sure he’s “good boyfriend material.”

Has T-Swift gone mad!? Leo does whatever the f*ck he wants. He sleeps with the hottest models in the world, cruises on yachts throughout Santorini and Ibiza, parties like there is no day and night, AND still crushes it on the big screen. Now you’re telling me that you (Taylor) wants to “wife” Leo up!? Crazy talk. If you ask me, this is just another excuse for her to have a boyfriend, break up with him, and then write ANOTHER song about it (fucking brutal…enough with that already!). Keep it real Leo, don’t give into the pressure…you’re crushing life right now and there’s no turning back. Models and Bottles…that’s all you need bro!

Here’s what life would be like if you dated T-Swift:

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