Kap Slap Announces Debut Original With Ultra Records

kap slap

We all know Kap Slap as the mastermind of remixes, mixes and mashups. Those have been Kap Slap’s M.O. throughout his career, and don’t get us wrong, we loved it, but, there’s always bigger and better things to do. Today Kap Slap previewed his debut original mix, “Let It All Out,” featuring Angelika Vee on the vox, through Ultra Records!

This is a huge step in Kap Slap’s career as he moves from the “party-scene” to the big stage…producing original tracks.

This is solely a preview of his first original track, as the full length version will come out February 3rd. While we wait for it to drop, check out Kap Slap’s tour dates as he’s hitting tons of major cities in the next few months!

Tour Dates HERE

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