Trap Tuesday (Ft. J. Rabbit, Ricky Remedy, Riot Ten and more) [Vol. 111]

Welcome back to the first installment of Trap Tuesday in 2015. Today we have 30 tracks that’ll help you Run The Trap from J. Rabbit, Ricky Remedy, Riot Ten, Crankdat, GoodTimeMiller & Bvrzz, Neighborhood Watch x Pa7y, FLAPJVCKS, Kzeero, GRMM, Unlike Pluto, AB THE THIEF x ZEKE&ZOID, King Kozz, iLLcasso, Jorgen Odegard, TK-47, Creaky Jackals, CHRΩMA, Xermane, Kyle Braun, CARTVNZ, Dropwizz, ZOOLY, Zeelaa, Ruen & Mister Gray, Luminox, Luzcid x Zagor, KXA, and Vaccid!


Download: J.Rabbit – Mars Attacks

Download: Ricky Remedy – Startup 2

Download: Chuckie x ChildsPlay – Insane (Riot Ten’s SUPER DUPER Trap Edit)

Download: Knife Party – Begin Again (Crankdat Trap Edit)

Download: Sean & Bobo – Swing It! (GoodTimeMiller & Bvrzz Remix)

Download: Kaskade – Young and Beautiful (GoodTimeMiller Heaven Trap Remix)

Download: KIXS (Neighborhood Watch x Pa7y Bootleg)

Download: FLAPJVCKS – Crack End

Download: Jack U – Take U There (feat. Kiesza) (Kzeero Bootleg)

Download: Five Hours [Don’t Hold Me Back] (GRMM Remix)

Download: Revolution (Unlike Pluto remix)

Download: Slender (AB THE THIEF x ZEKE&ZOID Remix)

Download: Taylor Swift – Blank Space (King Kozz Remix)

Download: Tuntankhamun (iLLcasso Remix)

Download: Take Me To Church [Jorgen Odegard Bootlegga]

Download: Dope Walk (TK-47 Remix)

Download: Creaky Jackals – OC

Download: Survivor (CHRΩMA Trap Remix)

Download: Don’t Stop The Madness (Xermane Festival Trap Remix)

Download: Language (Kyle Braun Edit)

Download: Savior (CARTVNZ Festival Trap Remix)

Download: Tommy Trash & Wax Motif – HEX (Dropwizz Progressive Trap Remix)


Download: A Little More (Zeelaa Heaven Trap Edit)

Download: Bang (Zeelaa Trap Remix)

Download: Rager Day (Ruen & Mister Gray Remix)

Download: Luminox – A Fighting Chance

Download: Luzcid x Zagor – Empathy

Download: Joel Fletcher & Uberjak’d ft. Chris Gamble – Jetfuel (KXA Remix)

Download: vaccid – d0pe (original mix)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!