Naked 30 Minute Police Chase Has Totally PLUR Ending For Fan

police chase

Last weekend at BassLights in Hampton, VA while most concert-goers were locked in, set to get lost in the hypnotic music of Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and more, one kid had other ideas on his mind.

Apparently, young Barron Wolfe ran out of the venue on Night 1 before Pretty Lights came on, stripped completely naked, and led police on a 30 minute chase through basically every terrain you would encounter if you were running the Tough Mudder. The kid went through swamps, barbed wire fences, thorn bushes, parking lots, project housing, and more. The chase ended with six biker cops tackling this guy to the ground. But since he was all bloodied up, they tied him up and took him to the hospital.

The nurses at the hospital must have felt the PLUR spirit because Barron says that they cleaned him up and let him go without any medical bills or criminal record…they even bought the kid a cab home. The Cinderella story ends with Barron jumping right back on the horse (bandaged up) and raging his face off the second night.

Why he got naked and ran from cops? No clues there. But either way, good for you Barron, keep fighting the good fight!

Hear from the man himself:


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