Oliver Heldens Kicks Off 2015 With Remix Of “Return Of The Mack”

Oliver Heldens had a huge 2014, with “Gecko” probably being the biggest release and even making our year end playlist.

Well now the house fiend picks up right where he left off… almost literally because this sounds just like his Disclosure remix. And by sounds like, we mean he used the exact same drop. But he explains that it’s because the Disclosure remix was never released due to label issues and should never have really seen the light of day (it was up for 7 hours), but illegally spread through the internet. So why waste a sick beat?

Here’s a free deep house remix of Mark Morrison‘s classic “Return Of The Mack” along with Lady Bee and Rochelle. But grab it now, because in a week the download will be taken down since this will be officially released by Spinnin’ Records soon.

You’ll most recently remember this being sampled in “I’m On” with just about every known rapper possible on it.

Download: Lady Bee Ft. Rochelle – Return Of The Mack (Oliver Heldens Remix)

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