Macklemore Reveals New Album In 2015

FINAL-Macklemore-Bonnaroo-2013-by-Johnny-Firecloud-1[1]Photo Credit: Johnny Firecloud

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are one of the biggest success stories in recent years, blowing up with hard work, sincere messages, and of course catchy music. The Heist was an absolute hit and was released independently, only using a distribution deal to propel them into stardom and to a platinum album.

That album was released in Oct 2012, with 2013 being the year of the Mack. It’s now 2015, and we have heard very little music from the duo, but sounds like that’s all about to change this year.

On Thursday, Macklemore took to Twitter to confirm that they are indeed releasing an album in 2015.

A source confirmed to Billboard that is the case, but wouldn’t give any details on when or any information on singles either.

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