Dude Busted His Head Open At Flux Pavillion/Yellow Claw Show [Update: Unfortunately He Passed Away]


Update: 5:40 PM 1/2/2015: Unfortunately, he didn’t make it. Although nothing will bring him back, we wish his family and friends the best as they mourn the loss.

The Truth (or is it)…. via

Before we go into exact detail of what took place last night, I want to take a second and thank every single person out there who’s shown any type of support for Cody. You don’t know how much that means to myself, our friends, his family, and even this community. It really means a lot knowing that so many unfamiliar faces are showing compassion to another fellow raver. We need more of this positivity in our community if we want this continue drawing in others.

Cody T. was one of the most charismatic and charming people you’ll ever meet. He was known for making sure his friends are having a great time and laughing uncontrollably at all times. Not only was Cody nice, he was business minded and had a strong entrepreneurial spirit ready to take on the world.

At the start of the night, we all had the mindset of letting loose for once at a show instead of working uncontrollably. Up until Yellowclaw’s set, that’s exactly how we spent our night. We had good drinks, mediocre dances moves, and tons of laughter. At around 12:30am, Yellowclaw dropped one of their most popular songs “Shotgun” and Cody was pumped up and loving life. During this track Cody picked up our ice bucket and tossed it in the air as an act of celebration. A celebration identical to popping champagne on New Years Eve, if I must say so. During this process, the bucket started heading over the railing and into the crowd below us. Being the sincere and loving person Cody is, he leaned over to grab the bucket before it could fall and hurt anyone, but unfortunately fell over the railing at the same time. Cody landed directly on his head which lead to blood everywhere and severe head damage. While in the hospital, Cody was unconscious and at zero brain activity for the majority of the day. From a sleepless night to an even earlier morning of mourning, we didn’t know how to feel anymore. We were all numb to the bone with only one thing on our mind: Cody leaving the hospital alive. At around 5:40pm Cody passed away. The doctors did the very best and keeping our friend alive and safe, but it just wasn’t enough. Cody not only lost his life trying to protect others, but lost it in such a gut wrenching manner. I wouldn’t wish this feeling we all have on anyone else.

The rumors need to end here, now, and today. Our friend did not die because of drug abuse, or an attempt to crowd surf, or whatever idiotic thing you’ve heard. He lost his life protecting others so that they could continue enjoying their musical experience. Stop the drama, stop the lies, and stop the gossip. You now know exactly what took place last night, so please correct anyone who says otherwise.

Rest In Peace Cody. We’re blessed to have spent the last few hours with you that you had. We all miss you and you’ll never be forgotten.


We decided to setup a charity fund for Cody’s Family. This charity will go to them in the time of grieving to spend it however they wish. Click Here To Donate.

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2:00 AM 1/2/2015:

Social media is quickly erupting with some tragic news out of one of Washington’s DC’s greatest clubs, Echostage. Tonight’s show was supposed to be a throwdown of epic proportions as Flux Pavillion, Yellow Claw, Doctor P, Slander & SNAILS to kick off 2015 right, but turned out to be quite the opposite.

The show as cut short when someone by the name of Cody either fell, or jumped from the balcony and busted his head open – please don’t take that as a insensitive phrasing, it’s just the best way to describe what happened without showing you the absolutely gruesome picture. It’s out there somewhere, but we’re not going to show you.

Based on what his sister has said, he didn’t jump, and he’s still alive but even she doesn’t know the extent of the injuries. There are also way too many ignorant, insensitive dumbshits around, even asking for refunds… da fuq? Now it’s time for the EDM community to rally up and offer their support and prayers in hopes he makes it through alive and with a full recovery.

We’ll you updated as the situation develops. We don’t know too much, but here’s what we’ve picked up on so far, now including a response from Echostage.

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His sister is actively Tweeting the situation:

From DMV EDM groups:

I watched it happen. He jumped.. my heart goes out to him and his friends and family..

“Not trying to be grotesque, but I only stuck around for a few seconds and there was a LOT of blood….”

“From what I saw, it seemed like he thought people would catch him.”

Yellow Claw:

Flux Pavillion:

And the disrespectful loser of the night award goes to:


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!