Skrillex Gives Inspirational Speech On EDM, Love, Acceptance & Positivity

I Love This City San DiegoPhoto Credit: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

This is why Skrillex is one of the greatest. Such an important piece of the EDM culture. Not just talent wise, not just his game changing contributions to electronic music, but because he’s just a damn good human being that cares about other human beings. I’m not saying that other artists don’t – we’ve met tons of really good people in the industry, but what Sonny did today shows he takes that extra step.

He knows he’s influential and he knows people listen to him, and rather than preach about some bullshit, he preaches unity, positivity, love and acceptance. He knows that society is a bit f*cked, but he sees the potential, and was inspired by what he saw in the crowd today.

So inspired, that he had to let everyone know in this uplifting speech.

“You all are beautiful! Give a round of applause for yourselves! All you, you too! I feel your energy, I can see an ocean of faces all sweaty, all crazy… Now we are going into the New Year! This is crazy, the last few years. In Electronic Music in North America, Canada, everywhere over this area it’s crazy. Because all this, you guys out here, doing this for years! Going, listening, this is our generation right now! And looking at the audience I so many different types of people!

I see black kids, white kids, Chinese kids, Asian kids, Russian kids, Puerto Rican kids, Mexican kids, all you guys are here now! That’s amazing man. There is some special shit going on in our generation right now. Let’s not take that for granted. We need, into the New Year, let’s go in together. Let’s take this positivity over into 2015, because we need more positive shit on this planet. I feel like this is what it’s about man, we got 6.000 people here, no one is fighting and everyone is having a good time. I’m so impressed on this stage looking at you, I really am, I really appreciate your energy.

So in 2015 let’s carry over this positivity, let’s spread it and make it bigger and better, and more soulful and more real than it ever has been before. But it’s not just up to me it’s up to you guys! Really. I’m just one person its all about all of you people, it’s amazing energy in this room. This music is for everybody – it’s for the outcasts, it’s for the cool people, it’s for the fat kids, it’s for the skinny kids, it’s for the gay kids, the straight kids. The aliens! The yellow people, the purple people, the black people, the white people, no matter who you are this is for you.

If you see someone at your school, or at your work and they look left out man, all you gotta do, our New Years Resolution is hand a hand out, in 2015 and say ‘Hey, it’s alright. I know who it is.’ Make some noise for love in 2015.”

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