Infographic: How Much Music An Artist Needs To Sell Online to Make Minimum Wage

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From Taylor Swift quitting Spotify to stories about artists like Aloe Blacc, Avicii, Pharrell and John Legend making chump change from millions of streams, 2014 has seen streaming and the overall online music distribution industry in the news over and over again.

So along comes this nifty and extensive infographic detailing just what kind of numbers artists need to put up to make make minimum wage, once labels and others involved take their cut.

It should be noted that music sales/streams is not how an artist usually makes the bulk of their money. Publishing, live shows and other avenues is where artists have the opportunity to earn some serious coin, but unless you’re selling millions of records, you probably won’t become a millionaire from record sales especially as sales numbers decline.

When was the last CD or album you bought? Yes, Spotify has shipped over $2 billion to artists so far, and Pandora is more of a discovery tool that isn’t supposed to earn money based on streams and more of a promotion tool, but these numbers are interesting nonetheless.

2015 will be a very interesting year for streaming, sales, and how artists earn their money.

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