Apparently Amanda Bynes Is Completely Normal Again


Most of you know that the last few years have been… quite the adventure for Amanda Bynes. And by that we mean, she’s been off her rocker x 10000. She’s even gone as far as wanting to start a rap career with the help of Waka Flocka.

Well, it looks like one day, she literally just woke up and snapped out of it, calling it “mind blowing” even for her.

And now, just like that, she decided to enroll in USC to study Psychology. She’s off all her meds including Adderall (which has been known to make people loopy). Her parents have even opened the gates a little bit to her bank account. She’s doing yoga, meditating. But at the same time, doctors have warned her that patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder can at anytime snap back into their crazy, so we may be seeing that Amanda Bynes rap album still.

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