Watch ‘The Interview’ Right Now On YouTube

the interview poster

Sony‘s highly anticipated and potentially nuclear war inducing movie The Interview, is now available for streaming in full courtesy of YouTube, after the jump. It will also stream on Google Play and Xbox. There is a catch of course, it’s not free (what did you expect?).

For $5.99, you can rent it right now and in the next 30 days, have 48 hours to watch it once you hit play. Or, you could choose to buy it in HD for $14.99 and own it instantly forrrr-eee-veeeer.

#MURICA! We do not negotiate with terrorists. North Korea, try as you will, but do you really think your cyber warfare can stack up to our empty boxes of f*cks to give and unlimited Snickers bars? Nahhh.

Once Sony initially pulled the movie from theaters, everyone, even Obama criticized the move saying they shouldn’t have bent over and taken it from the psycho wackjobs. And bend over they didn’t.

Not only have they now connected with a number of smaller theaters to go ahead with he Christmas opening, Sony also reached out to a number of digital media partners to release the movie anyway. And they succeeded – YouTube said (hell) yes, and 5 minutes later, it’s live!

Stream The Interview in full now:

By now (if you’ve gotten this far), you’re probably wondering why we, a music blog, are writing about a movie release? Hits? Mostly yes.

But to tie it in, Sony first shopped the movie out to Apple and iTunes, but they said NO. Sucks for them.

It’s also interesting to think about what kind of potential impact this may have on the music industry, pay per stream of a track? Album? Music video? Only show the first 30 seconds and make the listeners purchase the track to watch the rest of the video?

There are many directions they can take this concept, and something tells me The Interview is only the first step.

And finally, to further the music connection, let’s talk about the official soundtrack. It won’t be released until January 13th, 2015, but the contents of surfaced.

It kicks off with a freestyle by Eminem dubbed “The Interview” (not sure if it’s new or reused), and he’ll also be featured on “Medicine Ball” with Dr. Dre from his 2009 Relapse album. Other notables are Lil’ Wayne’s “Milli,” Lil’ Jon’s “Yeah!,” The White Stripes’ “Conquest,” Katy Perry’s “Firework” and more.

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