BUKU Music + Art Project Reveals Killer Lineup

BUKU Music + Art Project is a quirky boutique event that delivers a big festival punch without compromising its underground house-party vibe. Tucked right in the heart of New Orleans, BUKU’s intimate post-industrial setting fits perfectly with the festival’s fusion of relevant EDM, hip-hop and indie rock. And with names like Bassnectar, A$AP ROCKY, and Passion Pit just to name a few, you can rest assured that BUKU has combined the biggest names throughout the music industry.

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From the signature BUKU Graffiti Wall to the classic New Orleans food to the dozens of pop-up street performers and art exhibits brought on-site, BUKU blends the rich traditions of New Orleans with the progressive attitude of our attendees, and has become a reflection of the creative, youthful culture that is fueling the new New Orleans.

Picture being with your friends nestled in between an active railroad, a dilapidated power plant and the Mississippi River with barges rolling by throughout the night… add to it the New Orleans skyline and Crescent City Connection bridge looming in the distance… with one of the stages in a Mardi Gras float manufacturing warehouse, and the VIP hang as a 3-level riverboat docked along the festival grounds… all of this a short walk from the French Quarter. That’s BUKU.

BUKU is no longer just an event or a place, but it has become an adjective and a lifestyle.

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