Madeon Gives Us A Glimpse Into Secret World In New Music Video

If you haven’t been paying attention, Madeon has been toying with his fans for quite some time now. But if you think about it, he’s been more than toying – more than manipulating his way through a long con/marketing ploy. Madeon has been cunningly laying the groundwork for musical narrative.

From his singles with creative artwork and even creating his own cryptic language and all the secrets that lie within the pixel empire, everything he’s done to date appears to have been a setup for his forthcoming album Adventure. “You’re On” served as our first preview into the work of art.

And now, we have Part 1 of the cinematic tale, the music video for “You’re On” as Madeon’s complete multimedia experience unfolds.

Download: Madeon – You’re On (Ft. Kyan)

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