Calvin Harris To Star In The Entourage Movie


Two of our favorite things, EDM, and Entourage. That T.V. show was beyond legendary. I’ve re-watched it twice since the curtain came down for the final episode back in 2011, and I’ll do it again before The Entourage Movie is released June 5th, 2015. And as a flyer for the movie comes to light, Calvin Harris’ name is right there along with Vincent Chase. We’re not sure just what role he will have, but it’s rare to see “simply” an artist on the soundtrack getting a primetime flyer spotlight.

The official trailer is set to be released at 2 PM EST Tuesday 12/23, so maybe we’ll see him there?

There was also some buzz around Drake having a role, but only musically as Mark Walhberg has mentioned he wants drake on the soundtrack. Wouldn’t it be something if Calvin Harris made a cameo in the trailer, to a banger from Drizzy?

See the flyer:

the entourage movie calvin harris


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