Lil’ Wayne To Release ‘Sorry For The Wait 2’ Since Birdman Won’t Let Him Out Of Contract


Looks like Lil’ Wayne is giving fans something for the inconvenience. As LWHQ reports, we’re supposedly getting Sorry For The Wait 2 mixtape, following up the original. The last one was released back in 2011 as a prelude to Tha CarterIVV so… sounds about right.

This promising news follows the not so positive Weezy x Cash Money news from earlier today. TMZ is reporting there is still plenty of friction between Young Money and Cash Money in regards to Carter V. So much that Birdman is willing to take Weezy to court if he needs and will not release his prodigy from his contract. The source confirms that Birdman does indeed plan to release the album, but on his own time.

From the Tweets to live rant, he affirmed his affiliation to just Young Money. Shortly later, Mack Maine seemed to confirm the album was coming in the first quarter of 2015.

So who knows what’s actually going on, but sounds like we’ll be getting some new Weezy music soon.

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