Diddy Punches Drake Over “0 to 100” Beat

drake diddy meme

As you may already know, Diddy has been rumored to punch Drake on Monday, sending him to the hospital while celebrating DJ Khaled’s birthday in the infamous Club LIV in Miami, FL. Now, until a TMZ video actually comes out, we likely won’t know what went down in reality… but word on the street is the scuffle was actually about Boi-1da‘s now very well known “0 to 100” beat.

The producer gave both Drake and Diddy the beat 8 months ago, but Diddy sat on it, and this frustrated Drake. So he went and recorded it, and it blew up, and was just been nominated for two Grammys. This last bit is probably what really set Diddy off. They saw each other for the first time since the song was released at the club, and when Diddy approached Drake, he blew him off.

And that’s when Diddy said “You’ll never disrespect me again,” and then punched him. The reason Drake ended up in the hospital is because it exacerbated an old shoulder injury.


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