[FITA Premiere] Dave Matthews – Dreamgirl (Deuxième Remix) [Free Download]

Deuxième (pronounced “deu-zee-em”) are a brand new duo made up of Doug Bogan and Rick Mitarotonda who came together to take a brand new approach to electronic music: they took a lot of the electronic out. They fuse their talents of keys and guitar, as well as traditional production to form something new incorporating these live instruments. The result, is an “electroacoustic,” groovy new sound.

For their latest undertaking, they’ve selected a classic from Dave Matthews, “Dreamgirl” and put a brand new spin on it. They accentuate the music as they replace his band, and let Dave’s voice provide a subtle, almost mesmerizing tune. As they continue to cultivate their unique sound and continue to push boundaries, I would expect to be seeing much more of Deuxième. They’ll also have some shows coming up in NY as soon as Jan, so be on the lookout. Help them out with a <3 on Hypem!

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Download: Dave Matthews – Dreamgirl (Deuxième Remix)

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