Here’s A Documentary On How Napster Crushed Record Labels


Some of you may be old enough to remember the birth, the rise, and the demise of Napster. The pioneering peer-to-peer sharing network changed music (and film) industry forever by facilitating the illegal exchange of MP3’s through the internet. Sean Parker, the founder (who also served as Facebook’s first president, and an early investor in Spotify who brokered deals with major music labels), grew the platform from nothing to millions of users within just one year. This blindsided record labels and changed the course of music sales and distribution. Of course, as lawsuits from artists and labels piled up, the platform was forced to shut down (it’s since re-branded alongside Rhapsody).

A newly released documentary discusses just that – how the service disrupted the industry and forced a copyright debate that is still underway.


Oh, and there’s a copyright law is currently being re-written, and you can help.


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