ZHU Talks Anonymity, Debut Album In First In-Studio Interview

zhuOriginal image removed to respect the privacy of the artist.

ZHU made “headlines” today during the viral Skrillex troll. We’re going to assume it was either a joke, or a marketing stunt.

By now most of you know that ZHU had actually started producing years ago, but it wasn’t until he linked up with management group TH3RD BRAIN that things really took off – in part thanks to they incognito angle they took, and in part because he’s damn talented, being a writer, producer, singer, everything. Although much of his past, um-marketed life has been wiped clean, quick Google search reveals some remnants of his past, even hinting at the name Steven Zhu – in some instances even a photo, but it doesn’t tell us much other than that.

So now, shortly after breaking the blogosphere, either by design or not, the “mysterious” and “anonymous” producer stops by Triple J for his first ever in-studio interview to give us at least some new insight on his unknown life. And he didn’t even let the interviewers see his face, he was in a different room.

He touches on his hit “Faded” and singing on it. He speaks on the uniqueness of this project ZHU, being able to control all aspects of the finished product and being able to enlist outside vocals if needed. On his debut album due out in 2015, he talks about drawing inspiration from NOLA and the jazz scene/culture there.

And on remaining anonymous, he calls it a “blessing” because he can walk around and people won’t even know who he is so he won’t be bothered.

We won’t spoil it all for you though, so take a listen below and get to know ZHU a little bit better.

ZHU Speaks To Triple J

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