The Internet Seems To Think ZHU Is Skrillex

zhu skrillex stereosonic

The internet is wrong. Grammy nominated ZHU is NOT Skrillex, regardless of what “rumors” you’re seeing everywhere.

It is most likely all either Skrillex just being funny and trolling fans, or a simple marketing ploy by TH3RD BRAIN, the mysterious producer’s management, and the same management that catapulted Krewella into the majors. Throughout his rise, we have yet to publicly be exposed to who he is. No pictures. Can’t see shit during the live show. No interviews. Nothing.

Many people who remember the now iconic logo have known (or at least thought they have known) that ZHU is Steven Zhu, an LA native who had produced under a different name, even seeing releases on Dim Mak, before linking up with TH3RD BRAIN and blowing up.

Today, a video hit the net from Stereosonic, where ZHU was scheduled to play.

What you’ll be trolled into seeing, is ZHU’s mysterious setup featuring a white sheet hiding the producer from the crowd while playing his hit “Faded” when the sheet suddenly dropped, revealing Skrillex who mixed the song into his “My Name Is Skrillex” and saying he “hoped people enjoyed the ZHU project.”

You’ll also be tempted into possibly believing that maybe ZHU = both Steven Zhu AND Skrillex, because Sonny said “WE will be back next time!” … but don’t let the internet get to you.



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