Lido – I Love You Too (The Remixtape) [Free Download]

Lido - I Love You Too (The Remixtape) Artwork

Lido messes around with his fans in a way similar to Madeon with his latest release. No, there’s no new language to learn, but you may have to freshen up on your sheet music reading literacy. That’s right, he makes you “unlock” the free download by playing the 4 notes you see in the cover art. What will you get? 11 free tracks for fresh takes from his I Love You EP including remixes from the likes of Stwo, Crookers and many more.

lido i love you too remix tracks

See if you can figure it out yourself here, or use the cheat cheat we made below.

How to unlock:

Download: Lido – I Love You Too (The Remixtape)

lido free mixtape unlock

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