Marc Goone – All I Hoped

What happens when one of the best up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the game raps over one of the best up-and-coming producer’s instrumental? Well, we find out exactly what happens every time Marc Goone has a track produced by Paul Judge; the song turns out to be a hit. That is certainly the case for Marc’s newest song, titled “All I Hoped”.

We always hear rappers talk about how great it’ll be to “make it big” and document all the great things that will happen in their lives when they achieve success. However, rarely does an artist craft a song discussing the sacrifices necessary to be majorly successful. Marc does exactly that in “All I Hoped”. This song is great on every level, but the lyrics are what really makes it one of my favorite songs Marc has put out.

“Here’s a new track set sometime in the imaginary future where I have achieved everything I’ve always wanted, but I’ve sacrificed everything good in my life to get there.”

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