DVBBS Arrested For Marijuana Possession [Mugshot]

dvbbs arrested marijuana posession 2 chainz

One half of DVBBS, Chris, was arrested last night in Atlanta for marijuana possession. And apparently it took 3 cops to do it.

They were set to perform last night at a crazy show with 2 Chainz, Rae Sremmurd, Popeska and more. When push came to shove, DVBBS asked to play directly after 2 Chainz (in place of Popeska, who we talked to to confirm the timeline). They got what they wanted, but all the fans left to go elsewhere because there was some prominent Latin artist booked at the same time, and there is a huge Latin following with this promoter. So DVBBS played a 20 minute set for basically an empty room and dipped, so everyone remaining went to the other rooms.

Not everyone was notified of the set change, so when fans showed up for the originally scheduled DVBBS set time, it wasn’t DVBBS, and they apparently weren’t too happy.

Next thing you know, cops were (for some reason) called to their hotel room, as social media tells us. And Chris, one half of the duo, was arrested for “half a joint.” DVBBS took to Facebook to confirm this and even share the mugshot profile themselves, which you can check out in full after the jump.

As you can see below, the charge was for Possession of “less than oz” and he was held on a measly $400 bond.

“Murderers, rapists and chemical drug dealers on the streets all around us … And 3 police officers need to arrest someone for half a joint while someone’s working on music in their hotel room

Something is definitely wrong with the world”


dvbbs arrested marijuana posession

Main Photo Credit: DVBBS Instagram
Mugshot Photo Credit: DVBBS Facebook

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