Rain Man Releases First Track After Krewella Split

Rainman aka Kris Trindl, former producer for Krewella, made headlines back in September when he decided to sue his former best friends, Jahan & Yasmine for $5 million. We haven’t heard much information since, so we will withhold any judgment or commentary until the story fully unravels.

But even though he was leaving the group, you knew he wasn’t leavin music. Now, less than two months later, Kris introduces us to Hunter Square, his new duo along with Mat Devine of Kill Hannah. Together they have remixed Devine’s solo project Wrongchilde‘s “Falling In Love Will Kill You” which is a beautiful soft rock/alternative song – now electrified by the new production duo into a dance worthy track. The song also features vocals from My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way. You can hear the original below and download this remix now.

Download: Wrongchilde – Falling In Love Will Kill You (Ft. Gerard Way) [Hunter Square Remix]

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Wrongchild – Falling In Love WIll Kill You (Ft. Gerard Way):

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