Kim Kardashian Goes One Deeper With Full Frontal Nudes, Kanye Speechless

kim kardashain frontal nude paper mag

As if Kim Kardashain mooning everyone with her gigantic ass and thus breaking the internet yesterday wasn’t enough, today the internet gets bombarded again – with full frontal nudes of Kanye West‘s beloved wife. And this time, he’s so speechless he can’t even muster up a tweet.

More photos from Paper Magazine‘s now infamous shoot have surfaced revealing not just her (likely fake) booty, but also her tattas and her vajayjay. Completely NSFW uncensored version here.

Not that everyone hasn’t seen this and more along with Ray J’s dick in her face… but we would be doing you a dishonor without “reporting” the recent “developments” in this “story” because it obviously serves the world a much higher purpose than say… US LANDING ON A COMET 315 MILLION MILES FROM EARTH? /endrant

Oh and apprarently this is her final hurrah before she takes the plunge for a second kid – we’re guessing they’ll name him/her South.

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