[Must Watch Video] OG Grandpa Turns Up At Every Party – Hilarious!

If you haven’t started following Richard Pollard (aka og_pollard) on Instagram, you’re missing out. This, “OG,” Grandpa has been caught turning down for absolutely NOTHING while attending some of the Bay Area’s most dope parties.

Stated on his Instagram Bio, “That “Old White Man” taking over every dance floor in the bay area one at a time,” says all you need to know about the guy. Richard is beyond hilarious as he literally gives zero f*cks, while partying with the “youngsters.” Watch Dick wile out on serval Instagram videos after the jump. Trust us, they’re worth your watch!

Richard Pollard Going Ham On The Dancefloors! VIDEO HERE:

Hey somebody gotta teach these kids how to yike properly lol

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Trying to teach TeeTee how to yike

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This was a good one @dj.nastynipple

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