DJ CRAZE Destroys EDM “DJs” With The Help Of Kanye West & Daniel Tosh

DJ CRAZE combines his mad skills with samples of “New Slaves” by Kanye West and infuses the video with Daniel Tosh rant on the topic to trash mainstream DJs and promote #RealDJing in one foul swoop. The video takes aim at targets like Paris Hilton (a la Deadmau5), Steve Aoki, DJ Pauly D, and David Guetta and the infamous “Guetta high on EDM” face.

Paris Hilton and Pauly D might seem like like easy targets but the problem is real. So real that A-Trak addressed it in a lengthy Instagram and goes so far that it made Deadmau5 quit EDM all together. When the award winning DJ CRAZE decides to set the record straight with a scratch video you better be ready for a wake up call.


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