Misha Selects Vol. 001 [10/27/2014]

We post quite a bit on FITA. That’s because when I first started the site, my motivation was not having to visit 20 different sites a day that specialize in different genres. I wanted everything in one spot, something to fit my hella broad personal tastes. But as we grew and expanded and hired writers with their own distinct sound palettes, I obviously wasn’t enjoying everything personally. Even some posts I do now, I do for you guys because I know it’s an artist y’all fux with but I may personally not find the material particularly engaging.

So I’m taking a page out of Skrillex’s book and starting a new weekly playlist that I’ll totally rip off of him (<3 don't sue me plz, there was no good aliteration to go with Misha that made sense). So let me introduce to you the first installment of Misha Selects.

Every Sunday night (aka Monday) I’ll be making a quick playlist with what I’m vibin’ with most from the previous week. Could be 3 songs, could be 20 songs, just depends on the week. For today, 10/27/2014, there were wayyy too many to pick from. Originally had the playlist at ~25, cut it down to 16. They’re not in any kind of order either btw. As weeks go on maybe I’ll get more and more selective, we’ll see.

Hope you enjoy the artwork lolz.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!