Why Is Drake So Mad Storming Into A Strip Club?! [Video]

drake strip club incident

Last night, Drake was spending a nice quiet evening celebrating his birthday at the famous Stadium strip club in Washington D.C… But it looks like there were potentially (as in, no one knows what the f*ck actually happened) an incident with Tyga, and/or/maybe another incident with a stripper.

Word on the social media streets and TMZ is that Tyga‘s crew got into it with Drake’s DJ. This comes just days after Tyga and YMCMB beef got even more beefy, where he called out Drake and others. But others are “reporting” that his chain was snatched by a stripper. So who knows.

All we know for sure now is that Drake was MAD. Like REAL mad. Mad enough to storm back into the club, possibly pissed off at Tyga, possibly chasing the stripper, dropping wads of cash and pushing himself through the club bouncer. And of course, it was all caught on camera. You have to see the video for yourself… and you can do so after the jump. We’ll update you if anything new emerges.

On a (much less useless) sidenote, Drake dropped THREE new songs yesterday. Yes, THREE. Enjoy them here.


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