Marc Goone – Mike Matheny

It’s always a treat when we get to hear new music from Marc Goone, and after a pretty long break from dropping new music, the St. Louis rapper dropped his newest single “Mike Matheny”. The song is named after the manager of Goone’s beloved St. Louis Cardinals, and he clearly isn’t a fan of the decisions made by Matheny that led to their elimination from the playoffs last week. The song and the situations that Marc comes up with to compare to the bad decisions Matheny made are absolutely hilarious, but beyond that Goone delivers a couple dope verses that display that the emcee is even more talented than he is funny (which says a lot, considering Goone’s sense of humor).

I always find it pretty difficult to describe Marc’s work because of how unique a lyrical style he has, so I’ll let his music speak for itself. Stream “Mike Matheny” above via Goone’s official SoundCloud, and check back to FITA for more releases coming soon!

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