[Exclusive Interview] Andrew Rayel Talks Upcoming Tour Plans, Passion For Movie Soundtracks & More


While we were down in Chatahoochi, GA at TomorrowWorld we got a chance to meet up with the DJ/producer described by Armin van Buuren as ‘the future of trance music’ aka Moldovan trance prodigy Andrew Rayel at the infamous Artist Mansion. True to his reputation, Andrei was quiet, humble, and extremely polite while discussing topics like the major star support he’s receiving, upcoming tour plans, and passions outside of producing EDM tracks. Read the full interview and watch his concert footage below.

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FITA: There’s a lot of hype around you and you’re receiving a lot of support from other artists so I wanted to ask you, who are some of the first artists that started supporting you and how did you build those relationships?

Andrew Rayel: Well I think the first big artist that started supporting me was Armin and then probably Dash Berlin, W&W and I basically met them a few years ago but I became friends with them really really fast. It took me like a few months but just because we shared the same passion for music. We like the same songs. That’s why we just get in touch really easily. So they started supporting my music, they used to play all my tracks, and I’m really happy that they still do support my stuff.

FITA: So did they just find you online or did you get introduced?

Rayel: Well I signed my tracks through some random small labels and they used to have a promo group they used to send all their tracks from the label to all the big names and the big names used to get them through email and just check them and basically that’s how they heard my music – through hundreds of other songs on the labels they really liked my songs and I remember even Armin used to start his whole shows for like 3 or 4 months with my song, I made a special intro for him, and he used to start [his shows] with it all the time.

FITA: Who are your biggest musical influences outside of electronic music?

Rayel: Well that would be Hans Zimmer (German film composer and music producer) he’s a classical music composer and doing movie soundtracks. I just love his orchestral compositions and every time I watch a movie I really pay attention to the soundtrack and then I go download them.

FITA: Yea, it’s pretty crazy how much a movie is influenced by the soundtrack

Rayel: Absolutely, if you remove the soundtrack it’s so boring. Like for emotional movies it adds the emotional melody.

FITA: So you’ve been making electronic music since you were thirteen, can you describe your development as an artist since your career really started picking up and how much other artists like Armin and Dash have helped you improve your skills.

Rayel: Well my sound improved a lot, that’s first of all. When I was thirteen I was making some loops and I had the weirdest mixing and mastering ever. I wish I had two songs right now just to listen to them to laugh. But my sound improved a lot. I bought equipment and got some cool decks, I got devices from like Armin and other producers and I thought ‘how can I make it sound better’ and stuff like that so my ear got better and better over time.

FITA: So up to this point, what has been your favorite performance in the entire world?

Rayel: I don’t think I have a favorite performance. I have lots of favorite performances like all the State of Trance performances, like Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, EDC New York, Creamfields, and there’s so many others like really, really big. The Australian tour was amazing. You can’t compare one gig to another because every crowd is different, every city is different, every stage, every production. All of them are special.

FITA: What do you prefer more close, intimate club gig or a massive festival like this?

Rayel: I really like club gigs but I’ve had some really bad experiences with clubs, not because of sound or whatever but when you have a close, intimate performance in a club you have people like all around you like really, really close to you and sometimes people they’re not accurate, they can touch a cable or something. Or some of them get drunk and spill the whole water on your player. That happened two nights ago. Some guy just spilled a whole glass of water on the whole equipment and it was completely underwater. Luckily, the music didn’t cut out but it’s not OK. That’s what’s not happening when you have a big festival when the stage is far away. But then you don’t have the connection with people, you don’t see them. So you got good things and bad things.

FITA: So where would you like to perform most. Is there a specific club or festival around the world that you’ve always wanted to play at?

Rayel: I think I’ve already done all the big shows. I think that one of the last ones will be [TomorrowWorld]. Maybe Coachella I would love to play. I love any place as long as there are nice people and fans that really enjoy the music I really like it.

FITA: Can you tell us about upcoming projects or collaborations to look forward to?

Rayel: Well we are working now on the remixes for the album so there’s going to be lots of new singles with remixes. I’m also trying to set up a special show with a concept and visuals. Like a tour over the next year or so. I hope it’s going to happen, so there’s a lot of work.

FITA: So you’re headlining right? Any news on support?

Rayel: Yes, I’m headlining and no I can’t tell you anything yet because we’re still working and I don’t want to rush things.

FITA: Last thing, what’s another passion or hobby outside of music that you really enjoy?

Rayel: Well I’m a big fan of movies. I like to watch movies and stay in touch with everything that’s happening in that industry also because I have a long term plan maybe when I get older and I retire maybe I’ll do soundtracks to movies so I want to really be in touch with the people in that scene and see what’s happening over there and how music’s working over there.

FITA: That’s great. Have you ever spoke with Hans Zimmer before?

Rayel: No I didn’t. I actually made a special intro. He made the anthem for Tomorrowland and so I made a special re-work of the anthem with like an intro for the show tonight. So you may want to hear it!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!