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Last Friday on October 10th Fist In The Air had the chance to sit down with Dave and Carter, the men from Aer, before they played a great show at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse later that night. ‘Cuse was the second stop on their “House Party” tour with Dizzy Wright… be sure to check out their tour dates out to see if they’re playing near you. This Saturday they’ll be performing at Webster Hall in NYC!
… Disclaimer: They talk about their ideal lady if you’re tryna!

Read the interview:

Dave and Carter, I know that you guys chose to opt out of going to college to pursue your music career can you tell our readers about the time span between graduating High School and where you are now?

C: we graduated High School and that summer we both moved into Boston where we kinda got slapped in the face with bills groceries, the whole nine yards. So I’d say that’s when we first released some stuff onto iTunes. I was working at a pizza shop and so was Dave

D: I got hired and fired in 4 hours

C: …but yeah it was cool it was a natural progression. We started playing shows around Boston and Philly we got a booking agency and we kinda built the team up piece by piece and now we’re here. Its kidna cool cause when I think about it our friends now are seniors and they’re graduating, and they’re about to go start their jobs. It feels cool cause right now I’d say we’ve been working hard for 3 and a half years, and now I feel like its like were graduating and moving on too the next level.

Throughout your career as artists you have had the opportunity to play with some amazing people including The Dirty Heads and Hoodie Allen what is a memorable experience from tour.

D: Joss Stone was holding our shirt and that was really cool because the shirt said “stayin’ stoned like Joss” (a lyric in oe of our songs). She heard about the shirt and tweeted it. I used to watch her on Vh1 on Top 20 Countdown so that was pretty cool.

C: I got to sing a song with the Dirty Heads at Red Rocks which was definitely a moment, it was sold out there were 10,000 people.

D: Me and Rome stood side stage hand in and hand watch.

What is your favorite city to play in?

D: We’ll we haven’t been to Rome yet so it will probably be Rome. But I like Dallas I’m going to stick with my Dallas team.

C: I’m gonna say Boston because it’s like home, or Paris solely because its like the concept to me which would be surreal.

What is the creative process behind your music videos?

D: It’s funny we get asked that a lot, people assume that we don’t come up with the concepts but its not that. We have worked with different directors at this point but we pitch an idea and they bring some stuff back and we all put our heads together.

Many artists have rituals before the show, do you guys do anything specific before going out to play for the crowd?

C: We all huddle up, tell each other why we love each other, why were here, get in the right mindset.

How did the idea for the Dizzy Wright remix you recently put out come about?

C: We have always been a fan of him and we said this is the prefect time to put something out together, it will hype people up.

How do you guys feel about not being signed to a major record label? What are the advantages and disadvantages of not being signed currently?

D: I don’t think there is anything wrong with record labels, but this day an age to not be signed you have to do your research a lot more. We have talked to a bunch of labels but it’s a process. If we meet with people that see eye to us and want to cater to us that will be a conversation. We have done a lot on our own and come pretty far though.

So, a lot of our readers are female and are into your look and love you guys, what is your ideal dream girl because you never know she could be someone reading this interview now!

C: I’m gonna say some names and just put them in a blender… Zoey Deschanel and Cara Delevingne.

D: I like a girl who is mysterious, but she is also very confident, and she’s gotta have less than 10,000 instagram followers but she is low key and she’s a model maybe but I don’t want someone who is a force… and shes gotta make great food, she has to like the same movies as me and she looks good in anything.

C: And better in nothing!!

If you were a kind of beer what beer would you be?

C: Shiner Bock

D: I would not be a beer, I would be a FireBall.. Fratty but the classy Frat Star.

iPhone or Android?

C: iPhone

D: iPhone

Mac or PC?

D: Mac

C: Mac

Blond or Brunette?

D: Brunette

C: Brunette

Five Years ago today I don’t think you guys would have ever thought you would be where you are now touring and having this as your career. Five years from now where do you see yourself?

C: Same shit

D: I’m gonna find a Wifey

C: Bae

D: I’m above the bae situation, I grew up in the boo age. Boo > Bae. So five years from now ill be dating my wifey and she’s gonna be killin it but I’m gonna be killin it way more than she is. I’ll have a great apartment in LA and we’ll be doing world tours because we cant get enough.

What is your advice for people that are working to become artists and to make a name for themselves.

C: Be yourself and try everything and be yourself.

Be sure to check out Aer on tour, definitely not a show to miss!


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