Avicii Speaks On Health Struggles


When Avicii cancelled his shows indefinitely, back in early September, we were all wondering why one of the worlds best DJ’s was pressing pause on the decks. Just recently, Avicii spoke out about his health, his break, and his music moving forward. In a recent interview with Billboard, Avicii said,

“Since my operation, I’d just been going and going. I was dropping weight. I needed to take a break. I took a month off, but it wasn’t really a month off. I was in the studio 12 hours a day, and then went right back to touring. It’s hard to say no in this industry. You want to play everything and be everywhere. I’m going to try to slow it down. Taking a break was the absolute best thing I’ve done. I’m doing better and better.”

Clearly something wasn’t right and Avicii needed to take a break and slow things down. The interesting part of this story lies within what occurred after he “took a break.” Just yesterday Avicii officially released his latest single “The Days” ft. Robbie Williams and before that, he was featured in a Ralph Lauren commercial, where he previewed this track. Like he said earlier…”It’s hard to say no in this industry;” clearly this was exemplified through his releases and appearances during his “break.”

Avicii will always be one of the worlds best DJ’s and whether he be on a break, or going full throttle, there’s no denying that his music is amongst the top tier and we wish for him a speedy recovery. XS in Vegas just isn’t the same without his residency, and TomorrowWorld missed him dearly just a week ago. Tim did leave us with a parting line that truly explains where his head is at and what’s to come in the future.

“For once in my life, I don’t feel the rush to do anything. I can take my time and focus 100 percent on the album, which has always been where my first passion really lies — in the music.”

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