Rain Man No Longer Part Of Krewella, Files $5 Mil Suit… The Sisters Respond


As you probably know by now, there’s trouble in paradise for Krewella. One of the founding members, Kris Trindl aka Rainman, the (now ex?) producer and DJ is suing the two sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf for $5,000,000 (and then some) – accusing them of pushing him out of the Krew, and thus out of a boat load of money.

The complaint, filed September 29th, goes through the history of the high profile, breakthrough EDM act, citing how they first met, how they formed, how they linked up with manager Jake Udell. It mentions their matching 6/8/2010 tattoos when they decided to put music ahead of everything else.

It speaks on how the pressure of shows on shows on shows got to Kris as he took to alcohol – but he realized this and hit rehab and set himself straight. The complaint also points out that sure, there were a few relapses, but as of late he’s been sober, attending AA, and working on new music while resting and not touring with the sisters. They claim that although he might be sober, he appeared depressed and urged him to take time and rest up and get better. The filing notes that the tipping point may have been when Kris missed his flight to EDC and the sisters were forced to run the decks themselves.

There is quite a bit of information in the complaint, which you can read after the jump. Also below you’ll see Krew’s response, as they mention they didn’t kick Kris out, but that he resigned.

We won’t be taking any sides right now since we have been close to all members of the Krew since day one and don’t want to make any judgments until all the facts are out.

Deadmau5 on the other hand… has already taken sides:

See the official complaint filing and the sisters’ response:

Now… can we just hear new music already?

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