Hoodie Allen – Act My Age (Official Music Video)

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more pumped for Hoodie Allen‘s forthcoming project People Keep Talking, he drops yet another dope single/video combo off the album. The newest track is titled “Act My Age” and is arguably my favorite song we’ve heard off PKT so far. It’s a very upbeat and catchy song with a tremendous beat, and Hoodie kills yet another hook. The music video is also incredibly dope, as it almost looks like a reel of deleted scenes from Project X.

“”Act My Age” is like my Blink182/Sum41 song on this album, in the sense that it pairs quick & bouncy raps with more of a pop-punk sounding production. The song is an anthem for kids everywhere who are at a stage in their lives where they just want to have fun, even if they should really be acting like adults already!

The video is shot from my first person point of view–you see me navigate my way through a frat party, only for it to be broken up by the police. After stealing a cop car and ending up at a late night pool party, the party continues, but not without a fight, falling into the pool and a twist ending.”

Check out all of Hoodie Allen’s recently released tracks here, and stay tuned as we get closer to the October 14th release date of People Keep Talking. In the meantime, grab that pre-order below and jam to the three songs already released for immediate download!

iTunes: Hoodie Allen – People Keep Talking (Album Pre-Order)

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