Beyonce & Jay Z Buy Insane $85 Million Mansion, Working On Joint Album!

Damn. When most artists complete international tours, they tend to chill for a little bit. Looks like the billionaire couple Beyonce & Jay Z will be chilling in an beautiful $85,000,000 palace in Beverly Hills. There’s only 8 bedrooms and 15 baths, 16 car garage, infinity pool, wine cellar, and a 24-seat movie theater so space will be tight but something tells me they’ll be ok, even with Bey’s growing belly.

1181 North Hillcrest (website + pics here) will be their new residence. A real estate source told TMZ (who else…) “while they were living in L.A. over the summer they checked out a brand new 23,000 square foot cliffside palace twice.”

Keep in mind though, the listing is still live on MLS so it’s not a done deal, but when is TMZ wrong?

In other huge news, the rumors appear to be true that they are working on a joint album, that will probably shatter sales records. Guess is it’ll be released late 2014 or early 2015.

More pics + album announcement below:

beyonce jay z mansion 1

beyonce jay z mansion 2

beyonce jay z mansion 3

beyonce jay z mansion 4

beyonce jay z 5

beyonce jay z 6

beyonce jay z mansion 7

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