Waka Flocka & Flosstradamus Joining Forces As Flockadamus

flockadamus waka flocka flosstradamus
Photo: Sam Hickey

The Mad Decent Block Party has brought on a lot of ruckus. More often than not it has seen the unlikely (or is it likely…) pairing of Waka Flocka Flame and Flosstradamus. They’ve of course collaborated already…

And by the looks of it, they are officially teaming up, as Flockadamus, which will most definitely be just as ridiculous as it sounds.

There’s a lot of evidence to support it now too. Both artists have been @-ing and #-ing the conjoined name across all mediums of social media, even Floss’ website and Waka’s too – linking to his Instagram feed, saying it’s “coming soon.”

Now… is it going to be a joint group, a joint EP, a joint tour, all the above? Not sure. But one thing is certain, this shit about to be RATCHET. The MDBP appears to be just the beginning.

Here’s what we have found so far:

First things first, there’s already a (fairly new) Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Digging deeper, it looks like Floss have foreshadowed this wayyyy back in Feb 2013, maybe even earlier:

The’ve been using the name during the entire MDBP tour hyping it up.

And they are blowing up social media:

So, long story short, the internet and everyone’s speakers will soon break.

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