Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Moiez Remix) [Free Download]

Moiez is one of my favorite young producers, hands down. Whether he’s putting out originals, dropping amazing remixes or taking on Souncloud in the copyright debate, Moiez Babar does it all with heart, passion and pure talent. Moiez’s remix of Sam Smith‘s “Stay With Me” is no exception. He takes the original hit and works his typical Moiez magic into one of the smoothest remixes of the track I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what genre to call this, but neither did he:

A close friend first introduced me to this song (I know, how could I miss this one when it has been playing everywhere) but nevertheless, I felt crazy about it instantly! So here it is, you can call it progressive, trance, house whatever, I give you my new take on this smashing it, Enjoy!

Check out the impressive track for yourself above, and enjoy the free download below.

Download: Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Moiez Remix)

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