Swedish House Mafia: ‘Leave The World Behind’ Documentary [Review]


Three of arguably the most notable names in the EDM scene, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello are the Swedish House Mafia…and always will be. After ending their years as SHM in 2013, at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the trio split ways and pursued life after SHM. For most of us, this was devastating, as we loved every moment of their music, shows and festivals; but life does go on.

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Upon going on a ‘One Last Tour,’ the trio played 50 shows across four continents and documented every step of the way…and thus we have the “Leave The World Behind” Documentary.

The documentary was well produced and honed in on several aspects of tour life, their families, their perils, and their successes. I personally found the documentary to be very powerful and eye opening to say the least. From the first time Ingrosso, Axwell, and Angello met, they had instant chemistry and there’s no denying their talents produced hits that will remain iconic forever. One thing the documentary didn’t really touch upon was why they broke up. They alluded to it, slightly, but it wasn’t quite clear as to why after joining forces in late 2008, they decided to part ways. It seems as though they were looking to pursue their own, individual, careers, but it still didn’t answer the question as to why SHM is no more. I was disappointed by this as I was looking for a definitive answer…

Some cool parts of the documentary came from seeing footage from all the different shows they played during their final tour, and seeing what went on backstage, onstage and behind the scenes. Personally, I enjoyed seeing them in the studio making music to see where their inspirations came from, and how these three masterminds created hit after hit. If you’re a SHM fan like I am, you’ll enjoy this documentary (just make sure you watch it with subtitles, they speak in Swedish quite often). At the end of the day, Swedish House Mafia, will always be known as one of the greatest music groups of all time, and we can only hope for a reunion tour; but I think a Daft Punk Tour is more likely. Regardless, two thumbs up on this documentary, meaning you should add this to your movie que, as it’s well worth your time!

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