Diplo Was Booed Off Stage At Burning Man? Really?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

A lot of crazy sh*t went down at Burning Man this year, but one of the most intriguing stories of all has to be this one. Seth Troxler was scheduled to play a DJ set at the Robot Heart Bus, however, he refused to play when his entourage was denied access backstage. Enter Skrillex and Diplo. As “fill-ins” Skrillex apparently played a good set, in which the crowd was pleased, however, when Diplo got on stage, things took a turn for the worst. Diplo dropped “Turn Down For What” and the crowd immediately started to boo and it escalated so high, that Diplo ended the set and left the stage.

Are you kidding me? Diplo was booed off stage at Burning Man? Absolutely asinine if you ask me. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I think booing Diplo to the point of quitting his set might have crossed the line. But then again, it is Burning Man and anything can happen. Furthermore, what was Diplo thinking playing that track at Burning Man? Not the right time or place…What do you guys think about this?


Read what Diplo had to say about this after the JUMP:

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