Dillon Francis’ Face Smashed By A Can Of… RC Cola?


Poor Dillon Francis. If you’re smart, you should probably go buy some RC Cola stock (it’s actually on the rise right now, and yes, looks like it still exists).

Last night at his show in NOLA, a fan decided he had enough of RC Cola, and threw the can at Dillon, hitting him square in the face, ending the show and sending the world class DJ and producer to the emergency room – for FOUR stitches. I know, I know, the world almost ended. Good thing he had a YouTube trained doctor (see the video after the jump) to put him back together.

The moral of the story though, is he survived, and was able to laugh about it along with deadmau5 and fans on social media. Check out more tweets and even a video after the jump.

See the damage:

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!