Deadmau5 Goes Full Techno At Amensia Ibiza And Recorded The Set

2641_46_Cream @ Amnesia Credit Marc De Groot IMG_2211-small
Photo credit Marc de Groot

Deadmau5 played at Amnesia Ibiza for Cream’s 20th anniversary celebration and apparently played a two-hour techno set. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Joel does what he wants when he wants. You can read the tweets from Joel below. There are two great things about this 1) Deadmau5 recorded the set, and he promised to give it to us shortly. 2) He “cleaned up the foam” referring to Paris Hilton’s DJ residency in which he criticized her last week for making a “mess” at Amnesia with her music. Absolutely hilarious if you ask me. Stay tuned for the full two hour set from Deadmau5 as we’ll post that as soon as we get it!

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